What is #Logo4Glass?

Picture this:

You are passing your friend on the streets of NYC and you notice you really love her bag but don’t have time to go out and buy it and you are in a rush to get to work. What if you could simply take a picture of the logo and have the ability to locate a store to purchase this stylish bag, make your purchase right then and there, or add it to your wishlist to purchase later.

All you need to make this a reality our Google Glass App: Logo4Glass.

My Newhouse social media class is creating a multitude of Google Glass Apps. Only one app can win. The winning app will be made into a real Google Glass app! With YOUR help we can make #Logo4Glass the winner!

For more information on Logo4Glass check out our deck:

What has our team been up to?

We have been having in person meetings, Google hangouts, and using social media to develop our app. We have been using our hashtag #Logo4Glass to share content about our application on HootSuite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook.

Google Hangout:


Vine of our first meeting:


Please let us know what you think of Logo4Glass by tweeting at us, retweeting, or using any form of social media with our hashtag #Logo4Glass. Any feedback is appreciated as we are in our early development stages!

Thank you! Have a great day everybody!